Breathe in the beautiful fresh air

Basic Air plus® and REGEL-air®

For an ideal indoor climate

Ventilation systems by aluplast are installed at the top of your window, between the frame and the sash. They create a permanent yet controlled flow of air so that you don't have to do it yourself.

Mould is a thing of the past!

These simple and highly effective systems create a pleasant atmosphere in your home and guarantee stress-free living when it comes to mould.
Your house can be attacked by mould if certain rooms remain permanently damp without a chance to dry out. As well as affecting the beauty of your home, mould can also pose a severe problem to your health, potentially leading to breathing difficulties, allergies and many more issues. 
The automatic Basic Air plus ® and REGEL-air ® systems were developed to solve this problem by controlling the amount of air movement depending on the environmental conditions. As a result, you can breathe hygienic air without wasting lots of energy.

Discrete design that can be integrated into a range of systems

  • Can also be used as an air vent opening in exhaust air systems
  • Self-regulating combustion air supply for gas/oil systems and open fireplaces (calculation required)
  • Installed at the top of the window between the frame and the sash, making it invisible when the window is closed
  • Ventilation opening can be fitted not only in the frame/sash,
    but also in the transverse mullions

Ventilation systems

Basic-Air plus®
Basic-Air plus®

Basic Air plus®

  • High air passage values
  • From as low as 2 pa wind pressure
  • Sound insulation verified up to class IV / 42 dB
  • Driving rain resistance up to class E 750
  • Ventilation to protect against moisture in accordance with DIN 1946-6 possible
  • Meets the requirements of the German EnEV (Energy Conservation Regulation)
  • For sealing systems IDEAL 5000® and IDEAL 8000®, and energeto® 5000 and energeto® 8000
Basic-Air plus®
Basic-Air plus®


  • Consists of one to two individual ventilators,
    each with a width of 125 mm
  • High air passage values from pressure differences up to 20 Pa
  • Automatic lowering control in the air pressure range of 20 - 30 Pa
  • Sound insulation up to 42 dB
    (Sound insulation class IV)
  • Can be fitted quickly and without milling and drilling
  • Can be fitted easily in windows that are already in place
  • Can be integrated in the profile series IDEAL 2000®,
    IDEAL 4000®, IDEAL 5000®, IDEAL 7000® and IDEAL 8000®
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