Reduce your cooling costs

Save energy with thermal insulation

Are your cooling costs too high? Normally, this is in fact down to your windows, not your cooling system.

"They'll do for a few more years." That's what most home owners think when looking at their old windows. However, just because your windows still look ok from the outside does not necessarily mean that they offer anywhere near enough insulation. Very few people are aware of how much money they are literally throwing out the window on account of poorly insulated windows. Putting the replacement of old windows on the back-burner definitely won't pay off in the long run.
With energy-saving windows by aluplast, you not only save money, you also do your bit for the environment, too.

While just 8 % of a building's outer shell is made up of windows, they are the source of almost 40% of cooling losses.

Conventional sash and frame designs
Conventional sash and frame designs
Low heat losses after renovating your home with aluplast
Low heat losses after renovating your home with aluplast

The thermal imaging camera shows one thing for certain: High surface temperatures and, as a result, significant cooling losses are visible in the area around the glass and frame before the renovation with aluplast – as you can see from the red and yellow areas. After replacing the windows, cooling losses are kept to a minimum.

Protect the environment and your bank balance with outstanding energy efficiency.

Reduce your home's energy consumption with aluplast windows  - a noticeable financial relief for you and an important step towards ecological responsibility.

aluplast windows are more stable than conventional windows. This saves fuel during transport and protects the environment.

And you? You will soon come to appreciate the higher standard of living you enjoy as a result of well-insulated windows.

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