aluplast launches its no surcharge bespoke foiling service


aluplast has launched a rapid delivery specials foiling service, offering lead times of 15 days or less on special orders and no minimum order, no surcharge and no set-up costs.

The German systems house, holds one of Europe’s widest foil and colour ranges in stock offering lead times of just a few days on stock foils.

In offering 15 working days or less on special orders, aluplast has moved its colour offer significantly forward to launch a service that is equal to or out-strips, many of the foiling services offered by leading UK extruders – this is inclusive of travel time from Europe.

foiling service
foiling service

Ian Cocken, Director of Sales and Marketing, aluplast, said: “Foils and colour are key drivers of growth in the UK window industry – particularly in the second-time replacement market.

“aluplast foils 1.2million metres of product each month, which means we hold not only a huge amount of foiled profile in stock but have had the scale and resource to invest in cutting-edge foiling technologies.

“That’s not only allowing us to bring an incredible range to the UK but to exploit economies of scale and innovation to do so very competitively both in terms of price point and lead times.

“This even extends to a 15 day or less lead time on special foils, while we have also been able to eliminate set-up costs. These are real commercial advantages that we’re passing on to our rapidly growing customer base here in the UK.”

This flexibility is built around the investment that aluplast has made in CNC technology. This eliminates the time lost in traditional foiling in manual set-up and switch over, cutting it from hours to just minutes. This has enabled aluplast to pass on the cost and efficiency benefits to its customers in a highly competitive service.

aluplasts core offer is built around the Ideal 70 system. Specifically developed and designed for the UK market, the German-engineered system, draws down on aluplast’s investment to offer one of the industry’s most energy efficient five chamber PVC-U profiles.

With a choice of 24mm to 44mm glazing options, the slim line ovolo profile, easily accommodates triple-glazed systems, with triple-glazed options achieving a low U-Value with standard components. This allows it to comfortably achieve a WERs A++ rating.

D&G Consulting suggests that colour, will be a “key battleground” through to 2018, with systems companies currently creaking under the pressure of fabricator (and ultimately) end user demand for shorter lead times on foils.

Cocken continued: “We can genuinely deliver a step change in service and what is perhaps a welcome shift in expectation. Foils are a growth area we see it in the volumes of anthracite grey, black, cream, rosewood and golden oak, which we move each week in stock colour from our UK warehouse.

“What we are now bringing to the market is a specials foiling service, with no set-up costs and the flexibility to accommodate foiling of even a single window all within 15 days or less.”

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