Design meets Technology

energeto® neo

energeto® neo is characterized by extremely slim profile elevations and thus picks up on current design trends. There is a recessed variant that gives the window more spaciousness, and a flush-mounted, closed variant. It gives the room a uniform, closed look.

Compatibility was at the forefront of the new development. That is why energeto® neo is just as suitable for large properties as it is for an architect's house. The innovative aluplast technologies guarantee thermal insulation, burglary protection and ease of use at the highest level. But see for yourself in our short video.

energeto neo
energeto neo

A better eco-balance during production

Saving energy, conserving resources, avoiding carbon emissions: energeto® neo is our resource-efficient system platform and ensures a better eco-balance right from the production stage. With aludec and woodec - a perfect combination for inside and outside. It has never been easier or more resource-efficient to manufacture a uPVC window with a wood / aluminium look!

Technical details

energeto® neo recessed

  • Uf = 1,00 W/m²K¹
  • Uw = 0,73 W/m²K best possible option²

energeto® neo flush-mounted

  • Uf = 0,87 W/m²K¹
  • Uw = 0,67 W/m²K best possible option²,³

IDEAL neo recessed

  • Uf = 1,2 W/m²K¹
  • Uw = 0,79 W/m²K best possible option²

1) with standard triple glazing Ug = 0,7 und Psi = 0,040 W/mK              2) with triple glazing Ug = 0,5 und Psi = 0,030 W/mK                             3) with foam inside

Our variant for the optimal  carbon footprint

  • Uf = 0,87 W/m²K¹
  • Uw = 0,69 W/m²K best possible option²
  • powerdur inside
  • safetec inside
  • foam inside

1) with standard triple glazing Ug = 0,7 und Psi = 0,040 W/mK
2) with triple glazing Ug = 0,5 und Psi = 0,030 W/mK

energeto neo für optimalen Fußabdruck
energeto neo für optimalen Fußabdruck

What makes energeto® neo
stand out?

  • It already significantly exceeds the requirements of the current Energy Saving Ordinance,
  • is convincing due to its safety, which is confirmed by an official testing centre,
  • is recyclable and can be returned 100% to the material cycle,
  • is made of weather-resistant uPVC and is processed into high-quality windows that protect against noise, weather and burglary,
  • is a RAL-certified window system.

Integrated technologies

Un assemblage performant
bonding inside
bonding inside
Vitres collées pour une meilleure protection contre les effractions et moins de déformation.
safetec inside
safetec inside
Pour une protection accrue contre le cambriolage

 design meets technology

At aluplast, we are constantly asking ourselves what the window of the future should look like. The year 2020 was no exception. The Corona pandemic has contributed to the fact that not only we, but also many people are taking a closer look at their homes and considering how they actually want to live. The result should not only be beautiful, but also as environmentally friendly and resource-saving as possible.

The last couple of month we worked hard to develop a new system platform. In the process, many impulses and wishes of our customers have been incorporated into the development: a modern and timeless design, a simple and compatible solution and the desire to build object and architect windows with one platform.

Form follows function – we make it simple

energeto neo
energeto neo
design meets technology

In addition to health and ecological aspects, materials for a building are primarily selected according to their recyclability. uPVC windows already have a good environmental balance, because profiles can be recycled up to seven times. But it is not only the careful use of resources alone that is important, but also a holistic approach. In other words, you also have to work efficiently in processing.

This is where our new system platform energeto® neo comes into play. It combines all the advantages of our well-known energeto® systems with a resource-saving platform without any loss of performance. Compatibility was at the forefront of the new development. That is why energeto® neo is just as suitable for large properties as it is for an architect's house.

Compared to a conventional, steel-reinforced window, energeto® neo has a
15 % lower carbon footprint.

Our Multifalz technology gives the customer full freedom of choice: they can bond, but they don't have to. According to our many German customers who are already using the adhesive technology, the technology is a good way to differentiate from the competition.

Clear structures and sleek design

In addition to efficient production, the new system platform also fulfils the desire for a beautiful design. energeto® neo was inspired by the Bauhaus style. It once revolutionised architecture. A simple and beautiful design for everyone and, above all, affordable. Lots of light and the connection between inside and outside - themes that are more topical than ever, even today after 100 years.

Our new energeto® neo system, as a recessed and flush-mounted variant, fits in well with the current Bauhaus revival: simple, symmetrical, cubic - simply timeless. It has been designed both as an architect's window and as a contract window, so that individual single-family homes as well as Bauhaus-style properties can be realised.

In our fast-paced times, we are inundated with stimuli. Simple shapes and clear structures form a contrast to this. It has a matter-of-fact and calming effect. Your own home becomes a restful haven of peace.

That's what energeto® neo achieves!

Have you become curious? Would you like to learn more and get a first impression? Contact us and let us inspire you with energeto® neo.

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