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aluplast is more than just a place to work

Behind every company are the people who drive it. Here at aluplast, it is the employees who make us what we are: An innovative company powered by good ideas, commitment and an ability to inspire its employees. The enjoy working for an international company and value the freedom they are granted.

Flat hierarchies and short decision-making processes are the hallmarks of the team spirit in our family-run business. This has a positive effect on the working environment at aluplast...And is also one of our greatest strengths.

aluplast summer fête

Every year, the traditional aluplast summer fête is held in Karlsruhe. All aluplast staff and their families are invited to come together and celebrate. For 40 years, this traditional festival has been an event that you don’t want to miss out on…

aluplast summer fête
aluplast summer fête

aluplast staff magazine "Inside"

At aluplast, the in-house magazine is created by our apprentices and students – all by themselves! These young people manage, plan, organise and publish the magazine all on their own. They select pictures, write and edit articles and design the magazine’s layout.

Continual improvement process

KVP is the acronym for the German translation of Continual Improvement Process (Kontinuierlicher Verbesserungsprozess). The whole aluplast staff is invited to contribute with their ideas to this continual improvement process (CIP) to constantly increase the company’s efficiency and performance.
The CIP is an ongoing effort to continuously and sustainably improve all business divisions taking into account the cost-benefit ratio.Constant progress increases our ability to compete and helps us to master the challenges of the market. Applicants whose improvement proposals have been successfully brought to life participate in the success by means of a CIP incentive plan.

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