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An award-winning company: With the TOP100 Award 2016, 2017 and 2022 we have been recognised as an innovative medium-sized enterprises!

TOP 100
TOP 100

Worldwide success

A high-profile family business

Over the past 40 years, technology has advanced at an incredible rate. However, customers are no longer happy with run-of-the-mill solutions. aluplast has happily accepted this challenge: Spotting trends and developments early and a willingness to innovative all the time enable the company to respond with flexibility and a great deal of success. It is therefore no surprise to learn that we are known as a leading innovator in our industry. And we want to live up to this reputation in future, too. 

That is why aluplast is building up an outstanding position – both in Europe and beyond. On an international scale, we are also one of the leading providers of uPVC profile systems. In the space of just 40 years, aluplast has transformed into a global player –
24 production sites and sales offices all over the world and an outstanding position on the market.

Founded by Manfred J. Seitz 40 years ago, aluplast has since been taken over by his sons Patrick and Dirk Seitz: This makes aluplast the only owner-run company in its sector and the company is guaranteed to retain this status for the long term.

The entrepreneurial Seitz family, a team of dedicated and motivated staff, over 40 years of certified expertise and ground-breaking ideas have conjured up something special at the aluplast group that has spread through all of the company's divisions. "aluplast is perfectly equipped to tackle the challenges of the future and we are looking forward to working with you to beat them in future." (Dirk Seitz, CEO).

"The only way to survive this tough market is to keep up with developments. Identifying trends and cultivating a pioneering spirit help aluplast to secure its current position and grow in the future."

Manfred J. Seitz, founder aluplast GmbH

Innovations with system

aluplast opens the window to the future

From the beginnings to the present day, aluplast has continuously introduced innovations to the market and thus brought new momentum to the industry, which over the years turned the company into the leading innovator. What makes us innovative?

We create innovations the way a system provider should: systematically! By means of multi-stage processes
we make sure that our innovations become a market success. 

For window fabricators, this means that we look ahead to analyse market and customer needs so that we have solutions to meet them. Our concept for the future not only includes innovative products, but also efficient processes and support in all areas key to success, such as sales and marketing.

Construction companies benefit from aspects such as high energy efficiency, burglary protection, user-friendly design and the wide range of design options available for our window systems.

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